GAMES; Trigger snappy WOW GAMES.

DNHYPER - Steroids mode.

Shift-M - Boost your own population by simply one (on the actual planet screen).

Alt-G - Conserve your present screen as being a GIF.

DNCLIP - Walk via walls.Don't submit to thisECW

HARDCOREPlayStationSTAPLE-GUNS? Metal pipes? Barbed wire? Large Daddy and

Giant Haystacks would happen for you to be outraged, however this will be just not your cosy

Saturday-afternoon wrestling of old.

CREATE a file entitled NOUGAT. LF within the Ascendancy directory on

your tough disk. Now commence the sport and press your next keys for



The authenticity can be chilling and the missions are generally uncomfortably

contemporary. How do Raven realize therefore much? John Mullins advised them,

presumably for any shedload involving cash.

Wrestling features often been a market genre, however in an attempt to

broaden its audience, Acclaim decided to throw two fingers up the

Establishment along with opted for a game utilizing unashamed violence.

What you play is, within essence, is actually John Mullins. In case farmville is

accurate, Mr Mullins is not a good man.

DNUNLOCK - Open Up all doors and unlock all locked doors.


S - Display all stars explored.

To discover what model involving the sport an individual own, get into VERS and also type

MEMY to always be able to observe how much memory a person have.

Alt-W - Supply a large quantity of internal data.

The result is always that ECW Hardcore isn't a negative game, it just

isn't the specifically great one.

DNWEAPONS - Almost All weapons and also ammo.

C - Finish the existing project (on the study screen).

DNMONSTERS - Toggle monsters on/off.

It is also probably your most fun game I get played within ages, proper via the

moment the particular beer-suckin' "hero" will be ripped from your arms of

his trailer-trash girlfriend and also transported to the property involving Nox to end up being able to do

battle using the dreaded Hecubah.

ECW will become the nearly all notorious with the three principal wrestling Federations.

It can be savage, even depraved within areas - RAW is an episode associated with Andy Pandy

by comparison.


A great shoot 'em up, just this facet of interesting sufficient to

keep a person playing. RATING 6/10PC CD ROMFOR most people who loved Diablo and

can't wait for Diablo II, then Nox is perfect for you.

DNCORNHOLIO - God mode (and endless jetpack).

T - Construct a new colony (on the particular planet screen).

Same views, same game system, same every thing - Nox is as unashamed

a homage to become able to Diablo when you can get.

It doesn't assist that the modes also allow a person take down women,

since a person can start to play together with virtually any variety of male and female ECW stars, or

create your very own personal wrestler. Mixed matches aren't frowned upon, they

are encouraged.

Okay, and consequently the real-life edition involving this is really as stagy being an episode of

Prisoner: Cell-Block H and also no-one really gets cheese-grated.

Each mission kicks off having a superficial bit of role-playing as

you consult with different individuals by carefully selecting responses via a

list. Depending around the assortment anyone make, the individual will give you up

missions which must be completed to be able in order to proceed.

O - Maximum population (on the particular planet screen).

Enter DAMN, DARN, HELL as well as HECK and all sorts of your current residential buildings

will flip directly into churches. Always Be careful - you cannot really turn them

back. To Always Be Able To obtain $500,000 as well as bonuses, click on the toolbar as if you

were going to transfer it and type BUDDAMUS.

DNKEYS - Most your keys.

The heart involving the game can end up being a extremely SIGHTED: Mercenary John Mullins,

right, had been the prospective with regard to Raven when they made your decision on the detail throughout this

game pretty Ghoul, a new system that enables programmers to generate an

incredibly reasonable environment.

In the particular game, though, the results could be a lot more graphic as well as slapping a

15+ rating on it is no true safety catch.

The worst sin of most pixel gun 3d hack no survey from Acclaim, though, may always be the hypocrisy. Having

excluded half their audience - younger gamers - along with stuck their own two

fingers in the Establishment, they then wimped out, simply by failing to sell

it to more mature gamers.

The graphics are slick, your gameplay fast - the bit relentless, in

fact. Anyone aren't permitted a new great deal of leeway - finish 1 mission and

you're whisked off towards the subsequent by some old geezer dressed as an

Admiral. the 1 big drawback regarding this game is which you aren't

allowed to end up being able to slice him up.

Best cheat in the lot is a designed to prevent those schoolboys

typing throughout naughty words.

D - Discover every small thing (on the research screen).

HEALTH - Together With this code, your current well being will remain exactly your same via one

mission for the next. For You To use this code, get into CAPTAINDYE at the password


IF you want to end up being able to cheat, type CASS during the all round game for additional pocket

money. Use it as well frequently though, as well as you'll get a fire storm. Try

FUND, too.

R - take more than an occupied colony.




If a person winced at the merciless crowbar- clubbing inside Kingpin, maybe

you should believe about playing this with your eyes shut.RATING 8/10CHEATS



And let's not necessarily forget the particular cheese graters, pizza cutters and

metal pipes making their mark in the ring.

Alt-D - Offer your own co-ordinates.

DNITEMS - Just About All stock items as well as keys.

That's the actual downside. The Particular up facet is evenly distrubing - this

is a new damn excellent game. There's zero justice.

DNSTUFF - Almost All weapons, keys and also inventory items.

The toy cupboard practically overflows with different flavours of

death - machine guns, sniper rifles, grenades ... an individual identify it, it's

in here and also it's possibly pointing in the confront of somebody foreign.

Much much more useful is truly a shortcut to have you through your difficult times.

Use these passwords to accomplish the specified mission.

Throughout the actual 1970s, he ran training as well as operational missions all

over the world, before retiring from the military throughout 1981.

Part strategic manoeuvring, part barrel-smoking slaughterathon, the

game casts anyone as a highly-trained international mercenary, killing for


TRY these cheats to get anyone to the medals:

The game runs with an almost rewritten edition in the Quake two engine

and lays on the realism with a trowel.


DNVIEW - Exact Same because the F7 key.

AMMO - In Order To find infinite ammo, type in BADCOPSHOW in the password

screen in options. Note these just work after an individual complete a mission and

replay it.

Alt-E - Steal knowledge from other races.

It's developed through Raven Software, better-known for

pointy-hatted wizards inside games like Heretic as well as Hexen. to have them

develop SoF is really a bit similar to 911 doing a deal with variation regarding Nine Inch Nails.


Good, but it won't beat Diablo. IT'S the end of an era -

DMA Design, one of the very first games companies within Scotland, are generally packing up

and leaving Dundee. the creators regarding Grand Theft Auto will not be doing

any video games for that shelves now - they've merged with Rockstar Games

and Pixel Broadband Studios to target on creating games purely for

online play. The Particular new business is likely to be known as Broadband Studio, as well as will

be located in Edinburgh.

The wrestlers appear sharp, even when they are generally doing walk such as Michael Jackson

from time to time, nevertheless the moves lack just about any real originality by leaving you

feeling as if you've seen all of it before. RATING 6/10SHADOW WATCHPC

CD ROMTHIS will be Babylon 5 meets your The Team - a crack squad of

operatives need to protect any area station from the forces involving terrorism.

TYPE these codes while playing the particular game:


Then his real function began - he became any fully- fledged mercenary,

performing missions in Central as well as South America, Europe, Africa,

Afghanistan as well as different countries inside the Way East.

Mullins won any host of medals inside the Green Berets, serving tours in

Vietnam before being a Unique Operations Officer.


Each of your highly-skilled squad members is definitely an expert inside a

different field - Maya can end up being a crack sniper, whilst Rafael is a bit nifty

with all issues explosive.

1 to 7 - take charge of various other species.

The other drawback is usually that it's all also easy. you can finish this

in about four hours, total, along with the merely real factor that gave me difficulty was

the final duel with a number of whirling laser beams.

I - Speed up production (on your planet screen).

Sadly, Ghoul additionally caters pertaining to stomach-churning gore

THIS will end up being the subsequent logical step from the nation that will thinks

cam-clothing along with pick-ups along with rifle racks are generally cool.

Each match, although allegedly unstaged, follows a new soap opera-style

storyline that makes EastEnders appear in order to be pure Shakespeare. Events can

then include the now legendary barbed wire match along with staple-gun


The missions themselves take place in isometric 3D and are entirely


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