Clash of Clans Town Hall 11 Update 10/24/15 Confirmed


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Hello guys, Throughout this article I am going to create concerning the town hall 11 update which usually has been announced during this clash conference (ClashCon). Your town hall 11 looks much like that relating to town hall ten plus it includes a inferno tower from its center. As Well As the style of the town clash of clans juwelen hack hall 11 had not been officially announced however you could find rumors that the looks is actually such as this and this that, Our team got information that will city hall 11 will be appearing like this. And Also the actual Programmers associated with clash involving clans announced on Clash Conference which had been held from Helsinki, Finland, Which they have extra a couple of more deadly defenses for that town hall 11, Eager to understand what can it be check the pictures beneath and an individual will obtain a knowledge concerning it

Clash regarding Clans town Hall 11 Update 10/24/15Clash associated with Clans town Hall 11 Update 10/24/15After your image was released, I saw closely along with I believed it had been the clan castle upgrade regarding town hall 11, Later On I stumbled on recognize what has lethal defense and it addresses the complete village, The idea looks similar to similar to that of clan castle building yet there exists a hollow hole where it looks fire red inside. the defense surrounds the complete map, Verify the actual image down below to obtain a concept about this defense.

Clash of Clans City Hall 11 Update 10/24/15 Confirmed

The 2nd defense looks similar to a large jar which in turn comes with an eagle head coming out, Which protection is actually looking strange along with I feel every one associated with these defenses will cost greatly when compared with an inferno tower. Verify out your image under for an concept relating in order to this defense.Clash of Clans City Hall 11 Update 10/24/15 ConfirmedClash regarding Clans town Hall 11 Update 10/24/15 Confirmed

Check out the actual video too

So thats about todays topic guys Clash regarding Clans town Hall 11 Update 10/24/15 Confirmed, I hope most clashers would be happy because with the upcoming city hall 11 upgrade, Specifically the actual clashers who've maxed town hall 10, We just got info concerning the defensive buildings yet we didn't got any details about the troops. There is a rumor likely which Pekka level 4 will are accessible in city hall 9 along along with a new dark troop is coming around the way. Easily find virtually any info I will just produce a post with regards to it. Therefore guys thanks regarding paying your useful moment here, Hope you have got thought about this things, Verify out our weblog frequently for further new informations, If a person got some other informations create positive you add within remark box, SO in which other can additionally learn with regards to it

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